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Why choose biometric fingerprint scanners?

Biometric identification is the only authentication method that reliably validates a person’s identity by using unique physiological characteristics, such as fingerprints. Fingerprint readers are the most prevalent biometric technology, analysing fingerprints to grant access to systems, devices, or data.

While other biometric systems like face recognition, voice recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, and DNA analysis exist, fingerprint readers are the most commonly used and are the only biometric solutions fitted to high-end aluminium residential entrance doors. They offer a secure, convenient, and reliable method for identity verification, making them ideal for modern residential security applications.

Capacitive fingerprint scanners offer several advantages that make them the ideal choice for securing residential entry points:

Enhanced Security:

  • Unique Identification: Each fingerprint is unique, making it a highly secure form of identification. Unlike keys, which can be stolen or duplicated, fingerprints cannot be easily replicated.
  • Sensitive Detection: The advanced technology in Spitfire Doors scanners includes a patented recognition algorithm that can detect the temperature of the finger, ensuring it is a live finger and not a fake.
  • No Residue: Spitfire fingerprint scanners leave no impression on the scanner, adding an extra layer of security against forgery.

Convenience and Reliability:

  • Quick Access: The Spitfire Doors capacitive fingerprint reader unlocks the door in less than 1.2 seconds, providing quick and seamless entry.
  • User Adaptability: The scanner’s unique algorithm adapts to slight changes in your finger, such as expansion and contraction due to temperature variations, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Age Range: Children from the age of six can use the scanners, making them suitable for all family members.

Ease of Use:

  • Simple Operation: Users need only press and hold their finger on the scanner for less than a second, a vast improvement over older ‘swipe’ technology.
  • Intuitive Design: The scanner is designed to be user-friendly, with programming and access management easily handled via a Smartphone App or control buttons on the door.

Advanced Features:

  • NFC Technology: The latest Spitfire Doors models include NFC readers, allowing you to unlock your door using your Smartphone. This close-proximity technology ensures secure communication and prevents hacking.
  • Smart Home Integration: The system can integrate with other smart home technologies, such as intercom systems, LED lighting, and additional door or gate controls.
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Management and Monitoring:

  • Access Control: The Smartphone App allows you to view the last 100 entries and manage access times for specific users, such as cleaners or gardeners.
  • Free Access Mode: A convenient feature for gatherings, allowing unrestricted access temporarily.
  • Administrator Control: Only authorised administrators can add or remove users, ensuring tight control over who can access your home.

Locking Mechanism and Power Backup:

  • Secure Lock: Spitfire Doors are equipped with a multipoint, electronically operated lock that automatically engages all locking points when the door is closed, ensuring maximum security.
  • Power Outage: In the event of a power cut, the lock can still be operated using a traditional key, ensuring you are never locked out.

Capacitive fingerprint scanners, particularly those from Spitfire Doors, combine high security, ease of use, and advanced technology to provide a superior method of securing residential entrances. Their quick response time, adaptability, and integration with smart home systems make them a reliable and sophisticated choice for modern homes.

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