Yes, you can choose from a huge range of RAL colours and also from a range of other finishes such as wood effects, corten, ceramic, tile and glass.

Every Spitfire door surpasses the stringent British Security Standard PAS24 which exceeds RC2 levels for exceptional security. Multi-point locks, the highest quality door hinges and optional extras such as triple-glazed security glass and biometric fingerprint entry systems make Spitfire doors from Wolff among the most secure aluminium entrance doors available today.

Heat loss through doors or windows is measured in u-values. The lower the u-value the more efficient it is. Spitfire doors can achieve up to 0.9 W/m2K u-values, which may just seem like jargon, but what it means is that our doors are among the most efficient on the market when it comes to reducing heat loss which is good for your pocket, and good for the environment too.

Depending on the model of Spitfire door you choose the minimum width is 850mm up to maximum of 2000mm. The minimum height is 1920mm up to 3000mm, although our pivot doors can be designed to a maximum height of 4000mm if required.

Certainly. We are happy to design your doors for you to ensure that they are the correct model and dimensions to suit your specifications, then have it delivered for you to organise the installation yourself.

Wolff Doors cover Edinburgh and all East Central Scotland as well as Glasgow and the West Coast and yes…we also cover the Borders too!

Absolutely. Spitfire doors from Wolff meet the rigorous energy saving standards required for a Passive House.

It depends on individual circumstances such as the finishes you choose or optional extras. However, our Wolff Doors designer will be able to give you all this information when you discuss your requirements with them. Why not contact us today for an initial chat and take it from there?


Door Specification Comparison Table

FEATURES S-200 Series S-500  Series Pivot
S-600 Series
S-700 Series
General Description Premium aluminium door range of popular designs, with many customisable options. Strong, secure & built to last. The ‘Best Residential Entrance Doors in Europe’.
Completely bespoke aluminium with high level of luxury and superb options.
Oversize doors, designed to make a grand opening statement. Ideal to replace a door and single side light. Massive doors, the ultimate entrance! An architects dream for a state of the art build.
To demonstrate the differences between our Door ranges,

we have compared our luxury entrance doors to cars.

An S-200 Contemporary Series would be a high quality German saloon. A Signature S-500 Series door would be a hand-built, premium luxury Black Badge. An S-600 Pivot door would be a high performance, high specification 4×4 An S-700 Pivot door would be an exotic supercar. Singularly focused on style & performance, pushing manufacturing capability to the maximum.
Document Q compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes
U Value W/m²k 0.9 0.6 0.9 0.9
Number of designs 60 standard models 400 customisable designs + fully bespoke options 29 customisable designs 30 customisable designs + fully bespoke options
Flush Sash and Frame (externally) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Finishes * RAL colours, Grooved, Textured, Corten and Wood Effects RAL colours, Textured, Wood Effects, Wave, Grooved, Carbon-Fibre, Sparkle Paint, Corten, Glass, Concrete and many other luxury effects RAL colours, Grooved, Textured, Corten and Wood Effects, Glass RAL colours, Textured, Corten, Grooved, Wood Effects, Ceramic, Tile, Glass, Mirror, Wood
Warranty in years 10 – 2 years on Electrics 10 – 2 years on Electrics 10 – 2 years on Electrics 10 – 2 years on Electrics
Minimum height 1920mm 1920mm 2000mm 2000mm
Minimum width 850mm 850mm 1000mm 1400mm
Maximum height 2400mm 2700mm 2500mm 3000mm*
Can be manufactured up to 4000mm tall on special request
Maximum width 1150mm 1250mm 1500mm 2000mm
Full Marine Guarantee 1 Year 2 Years Nil Nil
European tests results RC2 + PAS24 RC3 + PAS24 RC2 RC3
Optional threshold packer height 15mm 30mm 15mm n/a
Threshold clearance (with standard low threshold only) 12mm 15mm 27.9mm 28.2mm
Wheelchair threshold option n/a 12mm n/a n/a
Threshold Height 14.9mm 24.5mm 16.9mm 20mm
Door weather seals 3 3 2 2
Glazing Triple Glazed Laminated Triple Glazed Laminated Triple Glazed Laminated Triple Glazed Laminated
Aluminium Section Thickness 1.5mm 3.0mm 1.5mm 2.0 – 3.0mm
Anti-Dilation layer (Patented system) No Yes No No
Fingerprint keyless entry No Yes Yes Yes
Swarovski Crystals No Yes No Yes
Electric Latch compatible with most intercoms Yes Yes Yes Yes
150 cill option Yes, 25mm high Yes, 25mm high Yes, 25mm high No
Door thickness 78.5mm 95mm 80mm 113mm
LED lighting in handle No Yes Yes Yes

* We cannot guarantee an exact colour match on our printed material and recommend that you request a colour swatch, available from Spitfire Doors