Sleek, Strong, Stylish Luxury Aluminium Doors

Luxury Aluminium Modern Front Doors

Luxury aluminium modern front doors from Wolff Doors are expertly crafted to combine substance with style. Bringing you the perfect combination of innovation, engineering, beauty and individuality. Your entrance door must be very secure and should present you and your home with nothing less. Make the most spectacular entrancepossible with Wolff Doors.

Front Doors

Why Choose An Aluminium Pivot Door?

Security is always a key consideration when selecting a front door. And if keeping your household and belongings safe and sound is top of your priority list, there’s no better option than an aluminium door. Despite their attractive, sleek design, aluminium offers the highest standard of safety and durability, making forced entry virtually impossible. As a material, aluminium is inherently strong. It also allows us to offer the most thermally efficient and environmentally friendly doors possible, with a huge range of stunning styles available.

S 200

S-200 Mid Range Aluminium Pivot Door

Stylish & Contemporary Collection From Spitfire Perfectly Brings Form & Function Together. The S-200 aluminium door collection from Spitfire is all about form and function. These sleek contemporary doors have garnered an unyielding reputation for excellence over more than a decade, boasting complete security which has satisfied customers across Europe.

Every door design within the S-200 range comes with a black thermally-broken aluminium low threshold as standard, and Winkhaus German engineered precision locking systems. With elements such as these, S-200 doors offer impeccable style and impregnable security

S 500

S-500 Aluminium Monobloc Pivot Door

Top-Of-The-Range Series Showcasing The Very Best In German-Engineered Precision Locking. The S-500 range has already proven itself hugely popular across Europe, due to a combination of premium quality Schuco aluminium profiles and engineering excellence. In fact, more than 200 S-500 aluminium doors are installed each week in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, homeowners in the UK are beginning to wake up to the benefits of the S-500 series.

High tech advancements and the highest quality materials allow S-500 doors to offer the very best in terms of security, as well as a sleek, thoroughly modern design. Doors can even be customised with Swarovski crystals for true elegance.

Modern Front Doors

Elevating the Entranceway Experience

Your front door isn’t just an entranceway; it’s also the first impression visitors have of your home or business. It’s a statement piece and a reflection of your personal style and taste. At Spitfire, we understand the importance of creating a bespoke entranceway that enhances the beauty of your property while providing a high level of security and durability.

Our modern front doors are crafted with exceptional attention to detail, utilizing the latest technology and materials to create a truly unique entranceway experience. From our signature series of iconic aluminium doors to our range of glass pivot doors, we offer a wide variety of options to suit every design preference.

Signature Series

Iconic Aluminium Doors

Our Signature Series of iconic aluminium doors are true works of art, crafted with precision and attention to detail. These doors are hand-made exclusively for you, tailored to your exact bespoke design, and are akin to a modern Rolls Royce in their exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Each door in this series is designed to seamlessly blend exceptional aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art engineering, offering the perfect combination of security and style. With our easy-to-program fingerprint recognition technology, you can control access to your home or business with ease, even when you’re away.

Iconic Designs

Glass Or Wooden Pivot Doors

Our range of glass pivot doors are perfect for modern homes and commercial spaces. These doors offer a sleek and modern look, while providing exceptional durability and strength. Our S-200 Series Glass pivot doors are crafted from high-quality aluminium and are designed to provide exceptional security and performance.

For those looking for a classic and elegant entranceway, our range of wooden pivot doors offer the perfect solution. Our S-500 Series Pivot Doors are crafted from high-quality timber, providing exceptional strength and durability.