Ensuring safety & comfort

An intelligent door opening system that ensures safety and comfort. Inosmart combines three opening modes in one device, an automatic motor lock, a cable passage, a control unit and a power supply unit. The entire system is managed and controlled via app on our smartphone.


Advanced Technology

High resolution sensor – The state-of-the-art high-resolution fingerprint sensor provides superior security, reliability and faster recognition.

100 Different entries – 100 fingerprints, numeric codes or smartphones can be stored. You can give the user one or all three opening options.

360° Finger recognition – 360 ° reading technology can detect a fingerprint regardless of finger placement.

It grows with you – A person’s fingerprint changes all the time. The new generation of fingerprint reader therefore contains a self-learning algorithm that detects changes and remembers them with each use. Inosmart can even grow with your child.


Safety & Reliability

RELIABLE SECURITY SYSTEM – Full safety is ensured by a safety mechanism with a motor lock, which automatically locks the door at five points. Reliable data encryption, a high-resolution 3D fingerprint sensor and a smartphone recognition system ensure the highest level of protection.

RECORDING OF UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY – The event archive also records all attempts at unauthorized entry.

Beauty in Minimalism

Sophisticated Design

The black glass surface, with gentle LED lighting, blends perfectly with the surface of the door and thus represents a sophisticated decorative addition.


Mobile App

EASY TO OPERATE – The Inosmart app makes it easy to manage users, LED lighting, schedules and control user access.

USER MANAGEMENT – Allows you to add fingerprints, numeric codes and smartphones. You can also deny access to the user or restrict it to a specific date or time period.

SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT – The app allows you to set the LED lighting schedule and restrict user access on the entrance door or secondary garage door.

AN OVERVIEW OF THE HISTORY OF EVENTS – The app records the last 150 entries. This also allows you to track down unauthorised entry attempts.

VERIFY YOUR FINGERPRINT – The app now enables a test for recognition and a viewing of the fingerprint image as seen by a biometric sensor.