Sleek, Strong, Stylish Luxury Aluminium Doors

Luxury aluminium front doors from Wolff deliver the perfect combination of beauty and security.

Luxury aluminium front doors from Wolff deliver the perfect combination of beauty and security. Not only can they be custom designed to suit your home, they are also precision engineered to keep out the worst of our Scottish weather and the most ardent intruder.  For the perfect entrance, choose Wolff Doors.

Pivot Doors

Why choose an aluminium entrance door?

Aluminium is one of the most abundant and versatile metals on the planet and is stronger than most natural materials. Aluminium can be moulded and shaped to suit any number of uses yet recycled time and again which also makes it kind to the environment. By adding aluminium layers to your entrance door, combined with a precision engineered locking system, your home and family will be safe and secure inside, while the elements are kept outside. And, your aluminium front door can be custom designed with your home and individuality in mind.

S 200

S-200 Contemporary Series aluminium door

Spitfire doors are designed to look beautiful in almost every type of property from the traditional to the modern. The S200 Contemporary Series can be manufactured in sizes up to a generous 1150mm wide and 2250mm high and can also include toplights and sidelights. With triple-glazed laminated glass as standard, Winkhaus German-engineered locking system for ultimate security and over 60 models to choose from it’s little wonder that the S200 is Spitfire’s best selling aluminium entrance door.

S 500

S-500 Signature Series aluminium door

The S500 Signature Series aluminium door is the ultimate in precision engineering. The S500 can be manufactured in sizes up to 1250mm wide and 2700mm high and includes an outer aluminium skin 3mm thick for added strength and durability. With features including triple-glazed laminated glass as standard and optional extras such as LED lighting, recessed handles, INOSMART door unlocking technology and even inlaid Swarovski crystals, the S500 delivers unrivalled elegance and style combined with security and thermal efficiency.

Spitfire Doors

The world’s most exclusive luxury aluminium doors

The world’s most exclusive collection of luxury aluminium entrance doors is now available from Wolff Doors near Edinburgh. British company Spitfire Doors is renowned the world over for manufacturing precision-engineered aluminium entrance doors through years of painstaking research and development. The result is a range of entrance doors which are not just beautiful to look at but will keep out even the most determined intruder.

Spitfire luxury aluminium doors can be custom designed in both size and style to suit every type of property and are available in a range of models and colours to ensure a truly individual entrance for your home.


Advanced security & convenience

Your home’s security is our priority. That’s why all Spitfire luxury aluminium doors are fitted with precision engineered locking systems. With the S500 range and above we also offer our optional biometric entry system with the most advanced technology available today. The INOSMART unlocking system uses fingerprint technology which is 1.000 more secure than a 4-digit code. The fingerprint scanner is also intuitive and adapts to your finger each time you use it which means it will still recognise your print, even if your finger expands and contracts in hot and cold conditions.

Iconic Designs

Wide range of colours and finishes

At Spitfire Doors, we understand the importance of personal expression – that’s why our doors are custom designed and engineered to meet your exact specifications. With a vast selection of designs, which can be modified to suit combined with an almost limitless choice of colours and finishes, Spitfire will create a luxury aluminium entrance door which is truly unique.